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"It's funny, you never think about how many things would change when you have a child.."


"You know, there are always new phases in your life.  The phase after having a child is definitely a new phase in your life. You have to find yourself in your new role as a mother, as a woman. And that took a moment (laughs). Actually, I do feel sexier now. You know more what you want and what you don’t want, you know what’s important in life, you feel more confident. tentimesmeCM

Yes, my style changed. Definitely my shoes. You need to be more flexible, carry your child. So you won’t be wearing your high heels as much anymore. I used to wear high heels all the time. Another topic is handbags. They need to be more practical, you have to be able to hang it over your shoulder so your hands are free for your child. It’s funny, you never think about how many things would change when you have a child. 

If I had to take my best friend shopping in Zürich, I would take her to shops that have a nice mix of brands. Definitely Fidelio. They have two different stores in Zürich. One is more chic, the other more casual. Another one would be Grieder. They renovated it and there is a new section that is younger.  There are definitely a couple of cool shoe stores I would take her to.  Grieder has a great shoe department. Then there is Brunello ShoesBufalini Shoes also stock a range of great brands. 

I always wear mascara. When I’m convinced, I don’t try anything else. I am not willing to pay the price for something that’s not working. I use Diorshow.  And I always wear perfume. I have one from Comme de Garcon. I love men’s perfumes. And I love perfume that you can’t find anywhere. I won’t tell you which one it is, it’s my secret (laughs). I don’t like to smell like everyone else. I also use a great face cream, an anti-aging product that is from Lubex, a Swiss company."  

I ask if she’s afraid of getting older. "Oh definitely. From a looks perspective, I am definitely afraid. When you’re in your 30s you start seeing some small lines around your eyes, on the other side it gives you more character. But you definitely start realizing it’s happening, and that’s only the beginning (laughs).

I don’t really have an idol. People that I meet, that are fascinating in some way, inspire me. My friends inspire me. 

I go to a hair salon in Wollishofen, which is called Akim Hair & Style. But I don’t see Akim, I go to Jacqueline. She used to work at Charles Allen before, which is quite a famous place in Zürich. I am very loyal. She does my hair the way I want it so I’m not going to change. I moved with her when she left, I don’t go to the place, I go to the person. For me it’s really important that it looks exactly the way I expect it to look and if I just slightly want to move into another direction she knows exactly how I want it. I have highlights in my hair and I have really dark hair so it’s very difficult to get it right. If I had to move and find a new one? I would probably just stop someone on the street that I think has great hair and ask where she goes. I don’t have a problem doing that. 

One is the Schminkbar. I go there to get my nails done and waxing. I don’t really do facials. I like this place because they have a beautiful open space and you can go with friends and chat when you have your pedicure and manicure. I go once a month. There’s this other salon, it’s called LaboSpa. I go there if Schminkbar is not available. The cool thing about them is that they are open on Sundays, and long hours. I think there’s definitely a lack of places for women that are working long hours. And I work outside of Zürich, so I can’t go during lunchtime." 

And if she could pick anyone in the world, who would she like to have a glas of red with? "Definitely with Mary Portas, it would be so interesting to talk to her about retail. And Penelope Cruz, cool woman, very beautiful and then I would take a friend." 



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