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Whether You Are Into Hiking, Surfing, Acting, Eating, Sunshine, Adventure Or All Of The Above , LA Has A Little Bit Of Everything To Make You Feel At Home.

LA has been home to me for over a decade (I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area) and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.  I knew the first time I visited LA when I was 11 that I wanted to move here. I was enchanted by the mansions, the beautiful people, the luxurious landscape and the endless possibilities of what life in LA could offer; it was love at first sight. Whether you are into hiking, surfing, acting, eating, sunshine, adventure or all of the above, LA has a little bit of everything to make everyone feel at home.
I know many of the stereotypes of LA are in fact true; there is traffic, fake people, old men who date young women, blonde hair, fake boobs… you get the idea.  All that aside LA has so much to offer and I find myself getting defensive when people say anything bad about my fair city.  
There are an abundance of neighborhoods that can fit any mood and lifestyle here in Los Angeles. I personally am a Westsider, Brentwood to be exact. (Yes, this is where the O.J. Simpson thing happened) I love the proximity to the beach and mountains, the plethora of farmers markets and the mellow, hip, posh vibe of living on this side of town. The beauty of the California Coast will forever calm me and make me appreciate life. But that doesn’t mean I am not obsessed with other parts of the city. Take Silver Lake and Los Feliz for example; those two neighborhoods are beyond hip with their urban coffee shops, vintage shopping and proximity to Griffith Park.

You couldn’t pay me to go downtown the first few years I lived in LA, now it’s one of the hottest, fastest growing sections of the city and I absolutely love venturing to it. Underground speakeasies, classy lofts, the fashion district, constant photo shoots, sexy rooftops and of course the crazy homeless people all make downtown an eclectic, exciting place to live, work and explore. 
I’ll end my first post with a quote from a classic LA movie; Pretty Woman. “Welcome to Hollywood! What’s yo dream!? Er’y body gotta dream!”
P.S. Dreams really do come true here.

-by Sharzad Kiadeh

Photos: from above- Shutterstock, Sharzad Kiadeh

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