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stine-riisSTINE RIIS

With a collection for H&M and Luisa Via Roma, after only one year in business, fashion designer Stine Riis has all eyes on her 


We caught up with Stine Riis right after her show at Copenhagen Fashion Week to chat with her about her young fashion business and find out about her favourite places in Copenhagen.

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“Feeling good, yes. Really, really good. Very relieved.

Yes, I only started a year ago. It’s going really well I think. In September my H&M collection is coming out [Stine Riis won the H&M Design Award 2012]and then I made a special edition collection with, the online luxury store. And everything is handmade. So it kind of shows the diversity, that I can work with both, a luxury store and H&M.

At first I thought I might wanna get some more experience but then I thought—no, now is the chance, everyone’s eyes are on me. It’s like a roller coaster, sometimes it’s amazing and fun and sometimes it’s just hard work. The best thing about it is, when I’m feeling my best, and that’s when I’m stitching and sewing and creating my ideas.

I think that there are so many things that you should be good at, more than just being a good fashion designer. It’s definitely important but you also need to think about what market you wanna be in and think about distribution, work with the right people. I also studied some business before I moved into fashion and it’s always been an interest of mine. And I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and have my own company, and I just had to find out that it was going to be within fashion. [laughs]

It’s really important for me that you should be able to wear my clothes but it looks different. I think because I’ve studied in London and also I interned in Paris, as a designer, I’m international in my mindset and I see the whole world as my playground, and my customer is not only Danish. I think right now it’s important to learn to give responsibility away because I’m used to doing everything myself. And trying to expand my brand I need to, of course, work with other people and also production wise I have a lot to learn still. Doing the H&M collection taught me a lot and getting that experience is really good. I think the most important thing is to have a good set of people around you that you can ask for help because you can’t do it on your own.”

Your best brunch place
Dag H at Østerbrogade
Best place for a night out with girlfriends
I would go for a spa night at Øbro hallen where they have saunagus and 
aromatic baths.
Best romantic dinner place
Pack a basket of your favorite specialties from Torvehallerne and go 
to Svaneknoppen and watch the sun go down and go for a swim.
Your favourite lingerie store
Silkegade 13 CPH
Favourite multi-brand boutique 
Lubarol, Gothersgade

—interviewed by LS

Images: Stine Riis photographed by © Kristian Löveborg Fotografering / MBFW-Stockholm; collection images PR

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