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The Californian duo mixes Hollywood, beach lifestyle and lots of creativity, thoroughly addictive.


Having the last name Factor may have felt like a tremendous pressure to succeed, no less in the make-up industry, but the great grandsons of Max Factor, Dean and Davis Factor, not only took on that challenge but succeeded while maintaining their west coast lifestyle. With the bulk of the cosmetic heavy-hitters based in New York, Smashbox Cosmetics has kept their LA roots being true to themselves by operating a successful photo studio partnered up with an ever-growing cosmetics line. Davis-w-ModelsSmashbox Cosmetics was formed in 1996 after many successful years of running a photo studio. The culture of Los Angeles – from Hollywood studios, celebrities to the beach lifestyle – have helped define what Smashbox’s culture is.  In 2010, the cosmetics line was sold to Estee Lauder which empowered Smashbox Cosmetics to gain more momentum, not only in the States but also garnering international notoriety.

What overall message is Smashbox Cosmetics sending out about the brand? "Our goal at Smashbox Cosmetics is to infuse the beauty, creative energy and artistic lifestyle of Smashbox Studios into the lives of women worldwide," says Davis Factor, Creative Director of Smashbox Cosmetics. And that woman is every one – from mothers to daughters to granddaughters because they have a multitude of products that cater to each specific skin type. BeLegendary-eSmashbox Cosmetics could easily be the ones who started the legacy of the make-up primer, when no other beauty company had primer on their roster. “When I came to Smashbox about ten years ago, Smashbox had their primer out three years before make-up artists had ever really heard of it,” says Lori Taylor, Director of Global Pro Artistry at Smashbox Cosmetics. “We have nine or ten of them now, creating about four or five more.” They are also known for their symbolic red brushes, which were recently seen on the big screen in the film, Burlesque with Christina Aguilera and Cher.product

The must-have product for the season is their BB Crème which is an all-in-one knock-out. “It’s a primer, a foundation, it mattefies, it hydrates and conceals. It’s like an eraser on your skin and it protects (SPF 35),” states Taylor.  She suggests adding a bronzer, brow tech, high-shine lipgloss and their new long-wearing crème eyeshadows to create that LA surfer girl, beach look. “All of these products are literally stuff you can take and put on with your fingers. And that’s what I think the California lifestyle is about.” Davis-w-Models-2-eHaving a strong partnership with the iconic Estee Lauder company has helped fine tune Smashbox Cosmetics and pushed them to go over and beyond as a brand. “In the last two years that Estee Lauder has owned us, we’ve got our color game tightened up, we shelved all of our lipsticks and came out with 22 new ones at the beginning of the year,” says Taylor. Avid followers of Smashbox Cosmetics can expect many exciting things in the future such as possible music collaborations, an international market roll-out, a web series and more and more beauty productsES-Shot-e

-as told to Lorna Umphrey

Images: Courtesy of Smashbox Cosmetics 


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