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Have you ever felt like the big city life is just too much for you? Discover a new place of serenity.

Need to connect with your spirit and soul and recharge your energy
? We have uncovered a place that offers just that. Just Pure. 

The founder and owner of the new Spa and Brand Concept Stores Just Pure will take you on a journey through the rythm of nature. Discover what the development of creams and lotions has to do with the importance of harvesting and with Zodiac signs and the gravitational power of moonphases. 

We are catching up with Mrs. Gaby Just, founder of organic skincare and Spa brand Just Pure. She took a moment out of her busy life to chat to us about entrepreneurial spirit, beauty and favourite beauty hotspots in her city.

For anyone who doesn’t already know what the idea was behind Just Pure and who the woman is behind the label?

The idea behind my organic cosmetic line is, that I’m convinced that nature with its secrets and wonders is the biggest beauty and power source available. If we use the energies of the nature, we can support the natural processes of our body in wonderful and beneficial ways. With that idea I developed the JUST PURE moon phase concept. This concept comprises both the unique production method for our high-quality JUST PURE natural cosmetics line in following the anthroposophic criteria of the lunar phase and the use of our products in special beauty and care programs, which are also oriented towards the impulses of the different moon phases. It’s all about the “right point in time”, which not only plays an overriding role in this JUST PURE concept. My experience has taught me, that it is vital in all areas of life.

JUST-PURE-product2What kind of woman buys JUST PURE?

Women with strong awareness of the importance of sustainable and organic products and women who wouldn’t ever risk treating their skin with toxic or unnatural substances.

I presume you adjusted your life to the rhythm of the moon. How would it be different compared to mine?

It is so easy and the profit is so significant: The moon calendar helps you with your beauty care, even if your life is very busy. A quick look on the moon calendar and you will see, for example, today is full moon: The right moment for a nourishing mask and cream, so you won’t postpone over and over again … because you’ll never have enough time!

Starting out your business, did you always want to make your mark in the beauty world or what were your ambitions?

Since I noticed, that my way of producing according to the lunar phases was really unique, I enjoyed it very much to make my mark in the beauty world.

Is the beauty world changing?

More and more producers start realizing that there is a big demand of organic and sustainable beauty products, which leads to higher quality for sophisticated people.

What did you do before JUST PURE?

For more then 25 years I have been deeply engaged in areas like fitness, nutrition and beauty. With my dance studio JUST DANCE FACTORY in Munich which once was Germans largest fitness and dance studio located in an old clothing factory - I became well known as an expert for fitness in Germany. Then, I developed my own fitness-beauty-wellness concept adjusted to the specific powers of the four lunar phases. The concept was completed by a series of natural cosmetics based on organic cold pressed oils, herbs and plant extracts.

In what way does the brand reflect your own personality?

To be clear, authentic and pure – that is also my personal way.

The best thing about your job is:

To be completely independent and follow my own creativity and way of doing business.

Who inspires you?

Besides my family, the breathtaking beauty of the incredible nature surrounding me at the Allgäu area with the most unforgettable sunrises and sunsets, the light during the different seasons, the clear starlit sky and the magic full moons. wallpin justpure

I would love to know: what is your star sign?

Cancer with Zodiac Capricorn

What is your city of choice and why did you pick it?

Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Ibiza – Munich for its sociability and closeness to the alps and wonderful lakes, Hamburg for its beautiful harbour, Berlin for its huge art and creative scene and Ibiza for its mix of the most interesting people in the world!

In your free time, what would you most likely do?

Cooking a delicious dinner, designing new beauty products, writing my first love story book and script for my first cinema movie

Work-life balance, how do you achieve it?

Firstly, in accordance to the moon, in accordance with day and night, and in accordance with the seasons – live with and not against nature, and secondly listen always to your inner voice and don’t follow everything people tell you!!!

Your last beauty purchase was..            

No beauty purchase at all, as I use my own beauty-products. And my personal beauty program is my every year trip to Ibiza for fasting and walking 3 to 5 hours a day along the amazing cost and nature of the island.

Your personal beauty and well-being advice:

Keep away from unnatural cosmetic products, eat healthy and with consciousness and get your body moving at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 25 minutes

What are the three hot spots we should visit when in your favourite cities?

In Munich, don’t miss the shopping area “Fünf Höfe”, the English Garden and the very original “Biergardens” in the city.

In Berlin, you should visit the Gendarmenmarkt and some of the bespoke galleries 

In Hamburg, visit the new “Hafencity” right beside the harbour! For some great shopping go to the Poststrasse and the ABC-Strasse – there you will find small and individual designer stores with great niche products

To get our hair done, what is your best bet in Munich?

Hairstylist L&D, Fendstraße Munich Schwabing (view the full listing here)

What’s your little piece of advice for women wanting to start their own business?

Be original and authentic

A quote to live by:

Forget the statement “forever young”, take care for your body and soul and get older with class, elegance and humor.


Photos: Just Pure


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