Weekend Tips DIY: Glitter Note Cards for Christmas

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Christmas Guide - Weekend Tips: DIY-handmade Glitter Note Cards

by Grace Atwood, Author of Stripes & Sequins

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you… I’m way too into stationery for my own good.  I love nothing better than thick cardstock, an engraved monogram, and maybe a little sparkle.  I have also been known to judge a wedding by it’s invitation.  Alas, stationery is one thing I definitely prefer not to splurge on.  I’ll head to the paper store, buy nice (plain) cards and colorful envelopes… and embellish them on my own.  It also makes a great gift.  (Bundle a set of ten cards with some hot pink envelopes for the perfect present).  Today I’ve partnered up with EKSuccess Tools to make a pretty glittery version.  Trust me, this project is so easy that anyone can do it and everyone will think your stationery is Kate Spade.

DIY notecards

DIY notecards handmade

You’ll need:  Glitter or other paper with an adhesive backing.  // EKSuccess Tools Scissors

EKSuccess Tools Medium Circle Punch // Blank Note Cards

DIY handmade notecards christmas

DIY notecards for christmas made by hand

{I made a few more variations…  the scalloped ones are my favorite, but I had fun with it!}

Disclosure:  This project was brought to you by EKSuccess Tools.  Check them out on Facebook, Spotted Canary for project ideas, or shop them at select Walmart stores.

—by Grace Atwood, Author of Stripes & Sequins

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