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Christmas Guide - Day 15: Nostalgia or Offline Trend – Our Top 5 most original Gifts, an ode to the good old days

For some it may be an homage to the good old days, a time where no internet existed. The days when we would pick up the phone and call our best friend after we had just seen her (you didn't?). Times when we would wonder what kind of pen would create a nicer looking handwriting. Days when we were able to recall the telephone numbers of at least our five best friends and knew our friend’s birthdays of the top of our head.

And for some, these are simply the coolest gifts for 2012. In memory of the good old days because baby, they were awesome!

So nostalgia or just our hottest Christmas trend 2012, it's going to be a very merry Christmas. We have selected our top 5 most original gifts that you’ll treasure for years, unique and special and, oh so personal.

1)     A paper address book – Why? Simple. It can't be hacked, never picks up internet bugs, and needs no battery. Because in a time where we mostly rely on digital tools like our iPhones and computers, next time they break down and all emails and phone numbers are gone, you wish you would have kept an data backup OFFLINE.
PaperBlanks address book, approx. €15.- , available via

2)     Handmade Knits – Buy handmade? Why would you, tick along with the trend and DIY handmade! Wool & the Gang is not just the coolest wool brand out there but what could make a better present than a hand knitted scarf, 1000% unique and mega trendy. The Trophy Headband is a great knitting at $59 available at 

3)    Calligraphy Pens – Beginner and professional, modern calligraphy ranges from handwritten letters to designed fine art pieces. In a time where beautiful handwriting has lost its meaning wouldn’t it be nice to create a breathtaking love letter? Do you even know what your best handwriting looks like? Why not give it a try this holiday season. Inks starting from €8.30 and
Mekong Nibs € 19.00 - available via 
4)    Personal Stationary – When was the last time you received a real letter? Not just an invoice or a bank statement. And more importantly, when was the last time you wrote a letter to a friend. Maybe if you’re lucky, you receive a postcard in the mail on special days, like your birthday or a greeting card from a holiday. So, why not surprise your loved ones this Christmas with one of the most special gifts – an amazingly beautiful handwritten letter on gorgeous stationary. Feel the quality paper stock, smell the beautiful scent of handmade paper. I bet that is a present most don’t expect to get from you. And while we’re at it, why not have a look at some beautiful diaries, like the ones produced by British brand Smythson, available via or If for yourself or others, put pen to paper, it will make you feel better.

5)     Create a photo album – because even if your laptop breaks down, your most treasured memories are captured on paper right there where you can see them. Now we give you a hot tip: Scrapbooking is THE huge trend right now.
Go traditional with an Epica Beveled Wood & Italian Leather Desk Journal via (approx. €110.-) or opt for a modern (ehem, online) DIY version with, a collaboration between Moleskine + MILK Photo Books who have created an innovative print on demand book editor tool that enables up to ten people in different locations to upload content and contribute simultaneously to the creation of a book online. moleskine-photoalbum-wood

—by Mel Lia

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