The secret to creating delicious summer cocktails - Tea and tonic cocktail

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sofitel-munich-cocktailsTEA AND TONIC IS THE NEW GIN
Alfreda O’Connor‘s secret to creating delicious cocktails

Tea and tonic is the new gin; and definitely the trend which diffused out of Spain has lulled the German mixology scene.

The nation's hottest mixo-philes were invited to Berlin to work together in laboratory settings with tea and gin experts, sharing skills of cold infusions, low temperature pressing and matching the most gorgeous herbal and floral ingredients.

While some of the mixologists were brewing hibiscus and floral scents to encourage the lady gin drinker (OMG PINK GIN) others, like Alfreda O’Connor created a new tonic for our livers, that of course, is founded on gin.

She runs the Isa Bar, and the Go-To-Girl when you want to talk about sophisticated drinks for business and lifestyle travelers. Her bar is located in the heart of the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost, which is a stunning royal period hotel of luxus stars and suites that hosts business and lifestyle travelers who have sleek tastes. Alfreda knows the device and Dolce toting crowd very well after years creating unique cocktails for corporate customers, major private parties and a few hush-hush’s that I am not allowed to mention. Her style is pure and sleek, and that’s what how you’ll find her signature cocktails.

The latest delish that she created is the Alfreda”s Tanqueray 10 Herbal Infusion, as created in Berlin during the Tanqueray no. 10 Tea Lab, which was hosted by the British gin experts, Tanqueray.

From now on the tea bag dipped in ice-cold gin and tonic.

Alfreda’s herbal gin infusion is a mixture of dried grapefruit, dandelion, lemon peel and lavender which is literally, soaked into ice cold gin for 3 minutes to infuse the most delightful ‘tonic-style’ aromas and flavours. She chose her herbs well, and on a Friday afternoon it was the TG into my TGIF.

The inspiration for this Tanqueray 10 Herbal Infusion at the Isa Bar is based on Alfreda’s childhood memories, of growing up in Ireland. They were the spring scents that appeared every year and promised fun and sun, and exactly the what she sees that weary travelers coming into the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost from around the world exactly need these days.

The drink isn’t just a drink, it is something to participate in. You don’t watch the mixologist create this, you join in. Alfreda explains that it is participatory, just like drinking warm tea is. 

‘’You chose how long you like to have your tea bag in the gin, as you would when you have your tea. And you get to dunk it in, stir it around and enjoy the aromas evolve over the minutes, or leave it there the whole time and enjoy a deep final sip at the end, ‘’ she said.

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Of course, as the trend of the last years lingers on, Gin and Tonic, is mostly about the tonic. As Alfreda created a tonic from the gin for the pure taste and enjoyment of herbs, she paired it with the perfect tonic water. Fentimans Tonic Water, which was been a rage underground brand for years in the UK has hit it big in Europe recently.

The reason why it is a great match for a tea infused Tanquery 10 is because it is not as sweet and has a seriously more refined flavour than standard tonics that are on the market. The reason is because it a milled quinine bark and lemongrass formulation that brings out a zest from the brewing process. It is sharper and somewhat woody compared to Indian tonic and has far less sugar than what you know from the old G&T.

Alfreda’s background in the Irish and English bar scene has been a great influence and support for her to continually build out the reputation of clean mouth-feels and sleek cocktails that she creates locally in Munich.

It doesn’t get more ‘queen mother’ than tea and gin, and that’s what I love about the combination. Well done to Alfreda and the collaboration with the Tanqueray No. TEN Tea Lab. Also special mention to Klaus St. Rainer (Goldene Bar) who is a German legend in the mixology scene with his own distillation, cold-pressing skills and experience, has empowered a great scene for innovation in the taste experience of cocktails.
—by Alyssa Jade McDonald, founder of BLYSSchocolate

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