The Best Make-up and Beauty Schools In New York City

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makeup-schools-new-yorkTHE ART OF MAKE-UP 
Introducing: The Best Beauty Schools In New York City

One of the most sought after creative careers for women is that of a professional make-up artist. There’s no question that New York City has some of the best beauty schools on offer for aspiring artists. With it’s ever-increasing creative edge the melting pot buzzes with opportunity for designers, artists and fashionistas. New York has been the training ground for some of the biggest names of the industry including Bobbi Brown who moved there to make it in the business.

There are many ways to achieving your dream. Like Francois Nars, you can assist industry leaders and learn the robes from the best, pick up different techniques, tips and tricks. 24-year-old Michelle Phan pursued her dream by going to art school and becoming a video blogger, where she gave tips and make-up advice to other women and girls. Over time she became the hippest make-up guru on YouTube and is now employed by Lancome as their official video make-up artist.

Another option is to take classes at professional make-up schools in New York City. Here’s our hot list- 

Make-up Forever Academy New York (opened its doors in January 2012) 
MUD Make-up Designory 
Empire Beauty Schools 
AOFM New York 
American Beauty School 
Debra Macki Private Classes 
Lia Schorr Institute 


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