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im-naturkosmetikVISION OF BEAUTY
Did you know? One of Germany’s most consistent and high-quality organic beauty brands originates from Berlin. All it took was a pioneer spirit – and the wish to create sustainable and affordable cosmetic.

i + m Naturkosmetik is vegan, sustainable, BDIH-certified organic, supporting fair trade projects – and absolutely stunning in terms of impact on skin. It’s also the capital’s first certified organic and vegan cosmetics brand.
The manufacture is in state of preparations: 2013 is going to be a big year – the year of the company’s 35th anniversary. New formulas are being concocted; four brand new products are being tested and developed. Firmensitz-im-naturkosmetiHeadquarter i+m Naturkosmetik
The founder Inge Stamm is a true pioneer in organic cosmetics. When she started requesting the highest organic quality about 30 years ago from her suppliers, the “green” trend hasn’t even blossomed. Today the company founder is engaged in the research and development – i + m Naturkosmetik’s complete range today consists of approx. 50 products and has been vegan from the start. im-naturkosmetik-ingeInge Stamm 1982-83 and Inge Stamm and Management today
Freistil naturkosmetik-imi+m Naturkosmetik Freistil – a very popular line for sensitive and allergy-prone skin
The company is especially proud for bringing together the highest organic quality and the technical know-how to work with highly effective virgin oils as well as for delivering potent anti-aging and non-irritant formulas.

i + m-naturkosmetik Berlin Seriei + m-naturkosmetik - Berlin line, paying homage to the hometown of the brand
Quick Facts

The company’s been founded in 1978 by Inge Stamm and her friend and colleague Monika Berg, thus giving it the name i + m (which outlasted Monika’s leaving after 9 years). As a delivery nurse, trained as a chemist, Inge started questioning the cosmetics use with new-borns. She noticed how the standard baby creams would leave the babies’ skin irritated, so she started making small portions of a natural formula she developed herself. By request, she created more and more products beyond baby diaper cream. The subsequent success of the mild, effective, and affordable care products has let i + m Naturkosmetik constantly grow over the years. The former two-women-show in a kitchen is today a modern company with a high-tech lab in Berlin, a manufacturing plant in nearby Brandenburg, and distribution set in seven countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine and Japan.

im-naturkosmetik-xmasLooking forward to the upcoming Christmas time: in cooperation with Ökotopia, a specialty online-shop for trade fair and organic tea and coffee, products come together with spicy extras

—by Nath Fedorova

Photos: Courtesy of i+m Naturkosmetik

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