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Beautycalypse is a quest. A Quest for Beauty 2.0: A Clean, Healthy, Ethical, Toxin-Free Lifestyle

"Life is too short to buy what you're told." A statement Nath, the LS Berlin editor, truly believes in and lives by. No surprise then that she passionately investigates and discovers toxic-free, ethical trade and green beauty products—and their dirty little secrets on A place she created to discuss and disclose the ugly secrets of the beauty industry and to celebrate genuine, sustainable products along with tips and tricks she's picked up along the way.

We say, jump on and join her for an inspirational beauty ride that is truly worth the read and entertaining as much as it is informative. Beautycalypse has recently been featured in Amia Online—Women around the world, an inspiring interview where she talks about her home base Berlin, explains why beauty is a way of life for her, and what the peace in your soul has to do with cruelty, ignorance and destruction of the environment.


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