Zero Waste Week 2013

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blyss-choc1"USE IT UP!"
Wise up on portion control, smarter eating habits and lets tackle food waste

It is zero waste week in the UK at the moment, and I know it is a topic that we both hold very dear to our hearts. When we decided to launch the new chocolaseason (autumn 2013) with a rebrand of BLYSS ( into black and white, it was one of our clear decisions taking the topic of waste to absolute heart. When we looked, as a chocolate company, how much CMYK we were wasting with a brown coloured brand, we also lost a lot of the good work we do in the cacao forests regarding regeneration and understory because some of our little 'head quarter' tasks were just wasting energy and printing resources like a leaking hose.

There is well enough communication about sustainable business practices how social enterprises, like my BLYSS, can better optimise the need for sales/communication and renewable ways.

What I +REALLY+ wanted to share with you today, in zero waste week, is a little about food waste. A topic that we don't directly deal with at BLYSS, because we sell out every vintage (thankfully), but something that is absolutely part of the food industry we are part of. I want to understand this better, and see how we in our enterprise can also contribute to the topic.

Check this out with me:
The great TED talk from Tristram Stuart about the global food scandal. Tristram says that by just making a few adjustments in the systems that sit behind food production and management, we can reduce food waste massively and thus the pressure on environment to fork in 7 billion mouths.

His book is Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal and is already on my kindle and I'll start with it tonight.

Let me know what you think of food waste in the zero waste week topic, what do you see around you these days? And can companies really step up to not just taking care of their own wasteful footprint, and be part of the wider discourse? I am just starting this, and shall let you know how it goes!

ps. check this out:

Wish you well! lyss x

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