REDUN Designer Vintage Jeans - Custom-made, sustainable, cool

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Denim News You Will Love

On a mission to redefine vintage denim, RE/DUN launches one-of-a-kind, artfully faded jeans styles 

Perfect-fitting, faded blue boyfriend jeans, who doesn't love them? 

When you desire denim as personable and unique as yourself, this new kid on the block whips you up a custom wash. Sourced in vintage rag houses the Los Angeles-based jeans brand creates sustainable new styles by using quality American-made denim with one-of-a-kind wear patterns. The artfully faded denim is re-done to create two timeless shapes: Relaxed Straigh and Straight Skinny. RE/DUN jeans are handpicked, hand cut and completely taken apart before being resewed into new styles.

Now PLEASE go and look for yourself and tell me these are not vintage dreams! 

Shop their styles here (or what is left of the sold-out range!) 



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