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Redefine Window Shopping By Perusing The Galleries Of Madrid’s Museo Del Traje

I’ve lived in Madrid for four years now, and spent most of that time hearing whispers about the city’s Museo del Traje. Dresses, fashion and history - sounds enticing, but I just never got around to making a visit. But finally I decided to cross it off my list, and in doing so discovered one of my new favorite spots in the Spanish capital.

The Museo del Traje (roughly translated as the Costume Museum) has come a long way since its opening in 1925. Originally just focused on regional costumes, these days the broad collection of attire and accessories ranges from centuries-old royal capes to 1920’s-style flapper dresses, and modern-day prêt-à-porter.madrid-museo2Vitrina Museo del Traje .CIPE
Scoping out the warmly illuminated galleries, I became hypnotized by pom-pom-topped ballerina flats, a coral-pink taffeta dress detailed with black lace and beads, and perfectly fluffed bustles reminiscent of those worn by Cinderella’s wicked stepsisters. Passing each exhibit, I found myself selecting which dress I’d wear if I could, then gasping at the thought of squeezing into such impossibly small corseted waists. From royal wear, to purses, nursemaid frocks, and more, no fashionable detail was left out of the mix.

Entering more modern times, the final exhibits display recent haute couture designs by the likes of Dior, Versace, Chanel and countless other A-list designers. Around one turn, a baby-blue tea-length dress from Balenciaga, around another, a pointy breasted pink Gaultier number, and then – surprise! – a puffy white stringed creation by Vivienne Westwood. It was a playground for my eyes.madrid-museo3Vitrina Museo del Traje .CIPE
The museum is a true fantasy world for any girly-girl who has ogled fashion and its 
evolution over time. Or played dress-up. Or imagined themselves in a glamorous getup like
Marie Antoinette. Sure, when in Madrid you might choose to shop along Calle de Serrano or visit an iconic museum like El Prado, but if you’re looking for a daydream-inducing excursion, set your sights on El Museo del Traje.
madrid-museo5Elio Berhanyer

Museo del Traje
Avenida de Juan de Herrera, 2
(+34) 91 550 47 00
Monday - Saturday: 9:30 - 19:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 15:00
Free to enter on Sundays, and on Saturdays after 14:30

-by Erin Ridley

Images: © Museo Del Traje, from above - Vitrina Museo del Traje .CIPE

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