Kasil Workshop, Denim Experts talk LA lifestyle and denim trends

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The denim expert team reveals how they combine LA lifestyle with day-to-day inspiration to create the hottest denim trends


It would be an endless list to describe what Los Angeles, as a city, has to offer. Where to begin? Endless days of sunshine, the beach lifestyle, good ol’ rock and roll music and with this more casual approach to living, Los Angeles has become the capital of the denim industry inhabiting the top designers and creative minds. One of these designers is Kasil Workshop. Having been around since 2002, Kasil Workshop’s collections work to reflect what embodies the lifestyle and culture of living in Los Angeles.

In addition to their seasonal collections, Kasil Workshop has recently started collaborating with various designers and companies. Most recently, they joined forces with Designer Ernest Alexander to create iPad covers and bags. They love working with artists who have the same vision that appeases both of their fans and that’s what the “workshop” in Kasil Workshop is about. “Finding someone to collaborate with can be as simple as me shopping for myself. Say, if I am attracted to a pair of boots, graphic tee, or something as random as a surfboard and I think to myself, 'Hmm, this is interesting. I like this,' the next day I'll get into the office and I'll reach out to that designer or company and see if we can work together on a special collection,“ says Brian Alagao, Head Designer at Kasil Workshop.   

While fashion has it’s many cycles of the latest fad, one might ponder if skinny jeans’ days are numbered, Alagao comments, “No, I don't believe skinnies are a fad. They're more of a staple in every woman's wardrobe, an essential fit for when they want to express themselves differently in denim.” And what about that must-have pair for the summer? Grab a pair of the colored peg-leg trousers, otherwise known as the Geek. The fit is effortless chic and they come in a vibrant red and cool blue. 
With fall already knocking on the door, Kasil Workshop’s fall 2012 collection is all about a film noir look titled, “Kuro Noir”. Grabbing inspiration from vintage posters, photographs, and classic films like Angels with Dirty Faces and Chinatown, they wanted to be able to capture this same aesthetic while fusing in their own unique style to this collection. The common element that they saw in every piece of inspiration was the color black, which helped birth the name “Kuro Noir” which literally means “black” in Japanese and French. This combined, made for the perfect marriage of Kasil Workshop’s inspiration of the Japanese denim culture and French chic minimalism. Pieces from the Fall/Winter 2012 “Kuro Noir” collection will be available in select stores in August/September.
collection-kasil-women-deniWomen's Collection 2012
collection-kasil-workshop-mMen's Collection 2012


—as told to Lorna Umphrey

Photos: Kasil Workshop, Brian Kuhlmann 

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