Top 10 Summer Beauty Essentials

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summer-beauty-essentialsCAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF IN BERLIN
Sneak a peek into the ultimate make-up and skin care bag: Our Berlin editor Nath reveals her top summer beauty products 

To survive the summer in a city like Berlin, you’ll want a few basics to rock both rainy days and tropical heat. You’ll need something to soothe the skin while trying to catch the perfect moment, day or night.

My recent favourites, from left to right: 

(1) Heals and strengthens the nails with myrrh, benzoin and incense oils (and nothing more): the Nail Regenerator Serum, Talika, can also be applied to polished nails.

(2) With the Liquid Soap No 14, San Floriano, you get a Mediterranean treat in the purest Demeter quality. Speaking of clean...

(3) …This powerful aluminium-free antiperspirant is packaged in a lovely pin-up adorned jar – „Candy Cane“, Wolkenseifen

(4) Sophistication in the air? Scented Candle No 5, Park’s Exclusive

(5) The purest of innovations, the Nectar Cutis Oil for Dry Skin, Ananné, will magically soften away wrinkles and dryness.

(6) Worn as a highlight with your makeup, on your skin or on your hair, this EcoCert certified and deliciously scented shimmer oil Huile Scintillante, by Couleur Caramel, will fake a subtle healthy tan or make sun-kissed skin look a million dollars.

(7) Since Berlin is notorious for debauchery... Diabolique Eau de Parfum, Eisenberg Paris, is a dramatic head-turner.

(8) Glow – yes, shine – no: Aburatorigami blotting papers with leaf gold, by Tatcha.

(9) Nail polish „Purple matt“, Gothmetic, pairs a saturated plum/blackberry shade with a perfectly elegant satin-matte finish.

(10) Soothe the skin, fight the hard water – Eau Florale de Lavande, Kart

(11) Another busy day is over? Wake up with a new, radiant glow: Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Kiehl’s.

—Nath Fedorova

Photo: Courtesy of Nath Fedorova 

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