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clean-beauty-crush-naturalSKINCARE CRUSH
If there is something like a beauty diet, then these factors might make you want to start one right this second

Let's talk a little skincare, shall we?

If you are living in the colder regions, you surely have been battling freezing temperatures. And with that comes cold dry air, and unfortunately—super dry skin. So I have been trying and testing to combat dryness and keep my skin fresh and glowing. After reading LOTS about the ingredients that are put into our skin creams, I can only say—ladies it's NOT pretty. In fact, did you know that 'the average woman wears nearly 515 chemicals each day'. And some of those little suckers can actually do more damage to your skin than good. Another alarming fact is that those toxins are absorbed straight into the blood stream and your cells. One of my favourite reads is the Wellness Warrior and I highly recommend popping over to her blog and read 'My clean beauty regime' for some eye-opening facts. And whilst you're at it, jump right onto '8 Beauty Brands You Would Think Are Natural … But Aren’t' and have a look at how brands talk 'nature' and 'plant ingredients' whereas, what they are putting into your favourite brands reads more like: Propylparaben, Methylparaben, PEG 7 Dimethicone C8-C18 Ester and Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum). And I recommend you keep your eye on 'fragrance' too. Why? Because some of those synthetic mixtures contain as many as five hundred different chemicals that you can inhale or absorb through your skin. They are used in pretty much every beauty product out there, from shampoos, conditioners, deodorants to lotions and makeup [Source: Book by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt—No more dirty looks].

As for me, I have recently banned many of the products containing harsh chemicals and I am committed to staying clean when it comes to skincare. But—I am holding on to some of my favourite makeup essentials. After all, it's like with every diet, you let one slip here and there and have some Ben & Jerry's after dinner, to keep some balance. Because really, how much fun would life be without chocolate? But again, there are always choices and even with chocolate you could just pick up some candy from your supermarket OR indulge in something truly Blyssful.



As for my recent skincare addiction. It's called Dr. Hauschka. A beauty brand focused on natural ingredients. Dr. Hauschka products are certified organic by the International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association NATRUE, which is just one of the organisations trying to give you some guidance on your way to 'go natural'. NATRUE is a non-profit association and its certification ensures that the products consist only of water, natural ingredients, nature-derived substances, and nature-identical substances. And these products don't use synthetic preservatives, dyes, fragrances, chemical additives, petrochemicals, silicone oils, and don't test on animals. That's a good start I think. Because one thing you must know, there are just so many shades of grey in between. And often a label listing all ingredients or not listing them properly can send you into a whirlwind of confusion, just like Lexy Zissu, who tried to discover how green her Dr. Hauschka sunscreen really is. The article gives you an idea of all the complications, restrictions and chaos you run into when trying to shed some light on the problem.

Personally I am loving their fabulous Rose creams. Although I prefer the light version 'Rose Day Cream Light' for day time and only use the heavier version 'Dr. Hauschka Rose day cream' for night time. One of my absolute favourites though is Dr. Hauschka's vegan Facial Toner. Truth be told, especially in summer when humidity rises, your skin only needs lighter moisture. And after consulting my dermatologist, we decided [for me] it is enough to stick with toner or a serum during the warmer months. Then we only need a light product to balance the moisture content and leave skin fresh and revitalized.

It can be pretty miserable when you're running low on 'beauty time'. A real saviour product in between can be Dr. Hauschka's Silk Hair & Body Powder. Easily used in between hair washes it will remove a little oil and grease and makes your hair look clean and easy to manage. The only down side would be that the product does not have a proper lid and it stays open once you remove the sticky tape. Because wouldn't it be a perfect 'hair manager' for little business trips? I do think so.

Another wonderful factor that draws me to the Dr. Hauschka brand is—no palm oil is used in their products. Many of you might not be aware of this fact, but continuously forests in Borneo and Sumatra are being destroyed to grow palm oil, that is used in the majority of cosmetics and skincare products, cleaning products and snack foods that we eat and use daily. These products are the main reason that the Orangutans in these regions loose their natural habitat and to date approximately 80 percent of orangutan habitat has been altered or lost. Too sad, if we actually have a choice—and can buy products that don't contain palm oil.  

And now, the only thing we really want to know is, which beauty products do you use and why. Fancy telling us in the comments?

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