Christmas Gift Tips: Pros and Cons of a Christmas Wish List

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Christmas - Bonus Feature: A Christmas Wish List - Pros and Cons

It's become quite a trend recently, even among grown-ups, to exchange Christmas wish lists. While some find it amazing - giver never buys wrong, receiver never has to bring it back to the store after New Year's - others might think that it's only good for mindless parents; those who have no idea of what to give their offspring. Let's have a look at the most common Pros and Cons:

No bad surprises
A heartfelt wish can come true
Great for children...
And for the young at heart!

No surprise at all
It's just a list for shopping...
Supports meaningless consumerism

The truth, as most of the time, lies somewhere in between and files under "live and let live". The most common criticism moving around the lack of surprise and the consumerism, let me say one thing: a wish list leaves enough space for surprise and is a great tool if you really happen to need some cool things. When your friends or your partner are desperate as of what to give you, and you just happen to need a few nice things, make a list of all of them with a sweet note that says: it's up to you what to pick! I'm so happy that you care!  

On the other hand, if you don't have a heartfelt wish or don't know what you want - or simply like surprises ("hey, a snowmen jumper, swell!"), then skip it. But since most people will shop meaningless season stuff even without a list, maybe it's worth considering. And hey: you can still put "a better tomorrow" on your list! Maybe this will give them people some ideas! (A Gift from the heart - Top Charity Gifts for Christmas)

Another useful tool is a gift list.
It's a list (address book style) of loved ones, friends and relatives (maybe an extra booklet, a Moleskine, a Paperblanks etc.) where you can take notes of what people talk about, what they like, what they look for and can't find - or can't afford. And trust us, people will give you enough clues if you listen! The only trick is to really write it down later and have all the info handy in one place for when you need it.

Like this, you'll be giving to aunt Jessie exactly that cook book she was looking for and to your student brother exactly that camera lens he hoped to find for cheap on eBay. And you'd be surprised how good it feels to stumble upon a thrift store find that means nothing to you - but you sure know would mean the world to your vintage-adoring colleague at work.

You see, it's totally a perspective thing. And nothing to argue about. Ho, ho, ho! ;)

—by Nath Fedorova

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