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Christmas Gift Guide - Day 17: Best Gifts for New York Lovers - New York in a Box

Your friend is always on the cutting-edge. She knows what’s cool now, what’s going to be hot next, and is always the first to sport the latest trends. New York is her cultural Mecca, which is why this holiday season you want to bring the city to her front door. What’s the trick to pleasing your friend’s metropolitan tastes? Avoid the cheesy and cliché, no one wants another I HEART NY t-shirt and what are they supposed to do with a Statue of Liberty figurine? Instead, shoot for presents that get at the heart of what makes New York so special and embody the life and spirit of the city. Whether your friend is nostalgic for the rush of city life or dreams of one day making it in the Big Apple, this list of NYC-related gifts are sure to make any wannabe Uptown Girl swoon.
Manhattan directed by Woody Allen
This film is a classic for a reason. Not only is it Allen at his finest, but it also manages to really embody a truth about living on this crazy, little island packed full of people from all over the world. Woody’s voice and artistic vision have become synonymous with New York City and his black, caustic humor will resonate with generations of city-dwellers and Big City-dreamers to come.

1-year subscription to New York Magazine
There’s no quicker way to feel like you have the inside scoop on the goings-on of New York than flipping through an issue of New York Magazine. The pages are packed full of all the newest restaurant openings, museum exhibits, theater, and film reviews alongside timely feature articles all written with NY Magazine’s trademark sarcasm and biting wit.

H&H Bagels and Murray’s Cheese
You are guaranteed to be a party favorite when you start handing out H&H Bagels and Murray’s Cheeses to all of your friends and family during the coming months. New York is known worldwide for its bagels, and H&H are largely responsible for that legacy. Likewise, Murray’s cheeses have been an NYC staple since the 1940s, offering a wide selection of delicious local and artisanal cheeses. And thanks to Murray’s assortment of pre-made gift crates, even a cheese amateur can give the gift of an amazing pairing!

NY Ceramic Coffee Cup
Now your friend can start everyday like a real New Yorker by sipping a morning coffee out of their very own ceramic deli cup. They can proudly join the ranks of the more than 180 million of these cups used in NYC every year. Just like the real thing, but infinitely more durable, washable, and reusable than the original! new-york-local-gifts-presen
Bond 9 I Love NY perfume
An updated take on the I LOVE NY tee, your NYC-obsessed friend will surely appreciate this scent from Bond 9, the perfume company that knows better than anyone how New Yorkers like to smell. Every time she spritzes some on and smells the wafts of bergamot, vanilla and sandalwood, she’ll be instantly reminded of not only the city it represents, but the friend thoughtful enough to buy it for her.

Finally, any true New York girl knows there are a few style accessories that you simply can’t live without: comfortable boots to trek across the miles of hard concrete through all sorts of weather and statement jewelry that reflects your distinct personality.  Lucky for us, two of the hottest designers for both are NYC-natives. Alexander Wang isn’t just the maker of downtown street wear and covetable it-bags, he also makes some of the best boots, oxfords, and flats for looking chic while walking the city. If you’re ready to splurge a little, Wang’s Anouck boots in pony-hair leopard print will send even the most stoic fashion-lover into squeals of delight. The pony-hair and print give this classic boot a unique update and the low heel makes them super comfy for everyday wear.

Vera Meat is another NYC-based designers whose tongue-in-cheek jewelry designs are attention grabbing, slightly morbid, and oh so cute. Every New York girl wants to stand out and be noticed (particularly by those street style photographers) and Vera Meat’s outlandish, quirky pieces will have people stopping in their tracks. Can’t decide between the overload of cute baubles? This ring with Manhattan’s most prevalent and hated bird perched on top will be your friend’s new favorite faster than you can say, “who are you wearing?”gifts-new-york-lovers-prese

—by Emily Kirkpatrick


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