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Christmas Guide - Day 25: Awesome Gifts for Lovers of cool tunes

Music lovers, rejoice!

In a time full of fast pace, rush hour traffic, angry bus drivers, obnoxious elbow pushing and way too many BIG questions rushing through ones mind, it feels good to stop and just listen—to great tunes. So today we throw in some musical fun that would make awesome presents for your loved ones.

1) Rock the tune tables with this stylish DJ Metal Desk, a 3-piece powder-coated aluminium construction
allows for interchangeable desktops, assembled in 10 minutes. The Metal DJ Desk can be customized with any colour of your choice, designed and handmade in Berlin. Size M, €1199 -  


2) There are many ways to listen to funky tunes, but none of them is as awesomely cool as this one. Lovers of music and sound have a new essential - UrbanearsUrbanears makes their funky products in 14 colors and exchanges them over the course of time, with two seasonal collections of headphones released each year. €30

3) No brand has shaped rock ‘n’ roll more than Marshall. Hailing from a line of 50th anniversary products, the Hanwell is the company's first home speaker that moves Marshall’s heritage of big stage performance out of the arena and into your personal space. Dual long-throw woofers super lows and hi-fi tweeters yield extended highs that render the sound sharp and clear. Marshall Hanwell €800

4) With a patent that secures the earphone into position in your ear, the Minor White FX headphones comes equipped with microphone and remote for use with your cell phone. €60

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