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Christmas Guide - Day 28: Little Steps to a Better World. Holiday Gifts That Give Back. 

Yes, fashion gifts are fabulous, ladies. But how much more fabulous is a gift from the heart, that warms the heart of others. And how great does it feel to buy a product that gives back, like a recycled handbag. As we come to a close with our Christmas Guide 2012, we embrace thoughtful, heartfelt products and services that support a better world. 

It's easy to help other people in need with a Kiva loan that can change a life forever. Kiva is a new way of online giving and the first online microlending platform that connects lenders to entrepreneurs (mostly from developing countries) across the globe, and that allows to help women and men to help themselves.

Sponsor a water project in a community or school and help change lives with Charity: water. A non-profit organization, founded in 2006, that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations across the world.
Handbags tote by Freitag-Blue Hutchins bag and carolus yellow bag Freitag
What started with a line of messenger bags made of recycled truck tarpaulins, bike tubes and car seat belts back in 1993, has since turned into a 7500 square metres factory in downtown Zurich with a crew of 130 people. The eco-friendly company Freitag is one of the few that still proudly supports local production in Zurich, Switzerland. Check out their great workmanship above — Freitag Carolus in yellow, €368, or the Freitag Hutchins Bag in babyblue, €248.
Abury iPad Case, €249: Abury is finest design and a centuries-old craftsmanship. Having started with the Berber Bags, traditionally manufactured by hand in Morocco, the young label now offers clutches, iPad covers and more.  
The Travel Book by Blurb is more than just another travel book. It is a charity project that supports less fortunate children by donating the profits of the book to allow them to discover and travel the world. Interesting and inspiring personalities like Udo Walz, Jérôme Boateng or Fiona Bennett talk about their travel stories, share their personal photos and memories in the book. They share their favourite destinations and best local insider tips across the globe. €23.95   gifts-products-give-back-

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