Dita Von Teese Turns Men’s Heads Down Under

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dita-von-teese-lingerie-collection DITA GETS THE HANG OF IT
MELBOURNE – Very Retro And Very Sexy: With Her  New Underwear Collection,Burlesque Queen Dita Von Teese Turns Men’s Heads Down Under

Dita's label is called "Von Follies“. Where she got the “Von” explains her family name. Follies is the plural of Folly and means “craziness”. And this could easily happen to men when they encounter women wearing Dita's hot creations. Because the sexy pin-up style combos have everything that makes though guys weak in their knees. Femininity, sensuality and wickedness. An irresistible mix!

Actually, Dita wasn’t afraid to present the hot pieces by herself on the catwalk in Melbourne. By the way, also models with a little extra weight on their hips were allowed to walk over the catwalk. Because Dita isn’t just designing for tiny figures but also for “more pronounced” curves.

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