Neon Fashion Trends- Nina Peter Ibiza Handbags Collection

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nina-peter-ibiza-2012NEON PARTY
Between idyllic beaches in Ibiza and fine leather craftsmanship, Austrian-born fashion designer Nina Peter finds fun in fluoride colours

Let’s take a moment to rejoice in neon, shall we?

Ibiza is like a whirlwind of colour, full of live, cosmopolitan spirit and innovative people. If you live in Ibiza, maybe you can’t help but design an impulsive colour explosion of summer leather handbags.

Designer Nina Peter, who’s debut collection launched in 2003 follows in her family’s footsteps, with a history in glove manufacturing dating back 164 years. Naturally, Capsule Ibiza Collection is testament to the island’s vibrant spirit, a bold-hued collection in orange, pink and yellow that will turn you into summer mode.

Her pieces can be ordered via the Online Shop with Prices ranging between €100 to €130.

In the meantime, watch out for some glove-ly treasures coming your way once we start talking fashionable winter attire; maybe it should be mentioned that they were already spotted on Lady Gaga’s hands in “Edge of Glory”.

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