Hermès’ Festival des Métiers celebrating luxury craftsmanship

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hermes-festival-metiers-tieHERMÈS FESTIVAL DES METIERS
Celebrating Luxury Crafts with Hermès in Düsseldorf

Translating as „Festival of Crafts“ and celebrating the craftsmanship of bag makers, silk painters, saddlers, watchmakers, porcelain painters and many other artisans behind the coveted luxury goods, Hermès’ Festival des Métiers offers a unique view behind the curtains to customers, art and fashion students, brand connoisseurs and fashionistas.
Ten craftspeople – out of approximately 3200 artisans employed by Hermès in France – will be working openly at the premium venue Halle am Wasserturm. The Festival features several stations, all set in an artistic backdrop created exclusively by the renowned Milan-based architect Paola Navone.
In 2012 the exquisite event that is hold internationally in Hermès key markets has premiered in Germany and attracted 9000 visitors to Munich. In 2013 it opens on June 6 through 11 in Duesseldorf, Germany’s fashion capital.
Hermès Festival des Métiers
Areal Böhler, Halle am Wasserturm (Halle 29), Hansaallee 321, 40549 Düsseldorf, Germany.
June 6-11, open daily 12-20, free entry.

—Nath Fedorova

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