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Men are confused. Why? Because women are attracted to a new species of men

A new study shows: Men would do almost everything for their new love. But many single men are confused. They simply don’t really know what women actually expect from them. 

Changes in gender roles now affect their homes, householdes and careers. So, man and woman must first learn to handle these changes. This is not always easy.

The online dating service ElitePartner has surveyed more than 12'000 people—to be exact, 6721 men and 5281 women. The outcome: Men are ready to move mountains for their big love. 72% of single knights would immediately share house or apartment with their beloved, 61% expressed their willingness to help in the household and 55% would be eternally faithful (whereas this willingness slumps with increasing age). They are also happy to talk marriage (52%), becoming a father (40%) and make regular visits to their parents-in-laws (37%).

34% of the men would also relocate to another city, 34% would change their lifestyle for her and 31% would reduce the time spent on their hobbies to spend more time with her.

Interesting: Men do often more than women expect. Therefore, only 5% of all surveyed women would want that he reduces his professional workload or his hobbies because of the relationship.

The 'Alpha-Softy' man who is everything, the super perfect men
The study also reveals that especially single men are very confused as they don’t know what women really expect from them. The confusion is understandable. These days, sophisticated women are looking for a new type of man, the ‘Alpha-Softy’. In simple terms, a career driven alpha-male that can show emotions, is sensitive and helps with household chores as much as raise their children.

Now it gets twice as confusing for single men. When it comes to flirting, many women want to be wooed and treated as a fairytale princess. But then refuse that he pays for the drink.

'The dream man of today must meet so many expectations, like never before', says ElitePartner Single Coach Lisa Fischbach. 'The high expectations can easily overwhelm and trigger stress.'

According to relationship experts, it will take years before men and women learn, through practice and experience, to handle their new gender roles.

Source: Blick.ch
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