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club-vivanova-winePEOPLE & WINE: Club Vivanova
Exceptional international wines for well-traveled glocals  

Brad Mitton created Club Vivanova which is a premium wine club in Berlin, Prague and Monte Carlo. Brad (expat Brit who specialises in new world wines) partners together with restaurants and luxus hotels for wine events (tasting, pairings and highlights of social activities) from hipster Berlin locations to diamond dripping Monaco hot spots. His big focus is bringing exceptional international wines for well-traveled glocals.

His Club Vivanova events also brings wine makers, sommeliers and gastronomy buffs together, as they attend the events themselves, and explain their special processes from the grape to the glass. There are about 20,000 people part of the group, some who fly in for the events and have been long term members for some years. There are also exclusive events like The Twelve whereby 12 wines are chosen for 12 people to come together for a highlight night. It is invite-only and those who have a specific wine preference and "talk the talk" in the scene.

The next key event is with Maître Sommelier Max Minto, his sommelier Thomas Mourgues hosted by Brad Mitton himself in Monaco on Thursday 18th April and taste one of Australia’s most exceptional and distinguished wines, Redbank Sally’s Paddock. ( )  A total of four wines from the Redbank winery will be presented at this exclusive event.

Redbank Sally’s Paddock has been an auction staple for nearly twenty years and is highly regarded by collectors and wine enthusiasts. It is one of Langton’s original “Classified” wines and continues to attract steady demand from buyers around the globe. Please see the Langton classification overview.

On the evening, five premium wines will be served with a specially planned four course gourmet dinner at Le Cave de Max in Monaco. The value is 75 euro and everthing is fully exclusive from 7pm onwards on 18 April 2013.

Bookings can be made at Club Vivanova direct: Club Vivanova or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also buy a Club Vivanova event as a gift certificate for a wine lover you know in these cities.

—by Alyssa Jade McDonald, founder of BLYSSchocolate

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