34th Moscow International Film Festival

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moscow-filmfestivalSPARKLE ALERT
Moscow is filled with glitz and glamour as stars and starlets strut the red carpet for the 34th Moscow International Film Festival 

The opening ceremony of the 34th Moscow International Film Festival took place on June 21st, 2012. The red carpet was filled with the hottest producers, film-critics, journalists, and actors in the business. This marked the opening of the glamorous, fashionable ten-day event, which will not only include movie screenings, but press-conferences and fashionable after-parties.

The Moscow Film Festival is one of the oldest in the world. It was first held in 1935 and was proclaimed an annual event in 1959, when the movie industry evolved from the classical era. Today, the festival is intended for a broader-audience, and in 2010 the number of viewers reached 200,000 people. For the next ten days, the festival will show movies from the Philippines, Poland, Italy, Iran, Spain, Finland, China, Mexico, and Russia. Expect lots of cultural variety and many stars who will strut the high-fashion red carpet in style. As for the well-dressed guests, the little red dress seemed to be a popular choice at the opening ceremony, complemented by eccentric jewelry, like topaz rings and earrings. 

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—by Indira Adams

Photos: Indira Adams/Filmfestival PR