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cafe-gratitude-munichWHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR?
Goji berries, chia seed, quinoa plate – does it sound extraterrestrial to you or have you been an early bird with the hottest food trend? 

What are you grateful for?

The question in big letters adorns the walls at Munich’s latest vegan and raw accession Gratitude – Organic Eatery and is at the same time the core question of the four US-American restaurants that started the craze.

Being the most avant-garde state with highest environmental and ethical standards, California has way more to offer than sunny weather, great nature, cult travel routes and great cities. Based in Venice, Santa Cruz, Berkeley, and Los Angeles, Café Gratitude hasn’t passed unnoticed with frequent US-visitors and global trendsetters alike: the innovative way of leading the business, referred to as „Sacred Commerce“ by the founders, the gourmet approach to vegan cooking, and a popular cookbook for raw desserts are familiar to many. The Gratitude experience is one of celebration, not one of restraints, and so has made raw and vegan cuisine attractive for people who might have never even discovered it. [Read our article on organic raw food restaurant Cafe Gratitude in Los Angeles]

Gratitude – Organic Eatery, the first European address, is not a franchise though – this wouldn’t probably match the founders’ Sacred Commerce thinking. The German founders Alexander Lasslop, Christoph Bucher, Georg Reiter and Michael Relja are friends. It was initially Christoph who met Café Gratitude founders and got fascinated by their holistic approach. In November 2012, just a few years after the first encounter, Gratitude – Organic Eatery opened its doors in Maxvorstadt, Munich’s central and lively university district, harbouring universities, educational institutions, and several of the city’s most important museums as well as cafés, galleries and shops.

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All ingredients at Gratitude are – of course – vegan and organic, gluten-free and additives-free. Most courses are raw, which can include a 42°C-treatment in the drying oven for “crêpes”, cakes, and veggie chips. To make the guest smile even more, the delicious healthy menu featuring all of the recent green trend foods reads like a list of positive affirmations:

I am cute (salad starter), I am spicy (red quinoa curry), I am fulfilled (raw zucchini pasta), I am great (raw fruit and chocolate tart) or I am curious (chia pudding).

So what are you?

And what are you grateful for?

Gratitude – organic eatery

Türkenstraße 55, 80799 München, Germany

—by Nath Fedorova