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Get ready for exciting creative beats in our city tunes, now live from Berlin

Hello, world! Berlin on air!
 …Have you noticed that hipsters are here, the first plague of gentrification? Gentrification scares the hell out of the city’s creative lot. Because Berlin is not a place. Berlin is a tune, a state of mind, a fight, an “anything goes” rush, a Berghain night, a cold turkey, a fading tat, and a line in a Bowie song. Even Berlin’s Golden Twenties were in fact an era of depression, hardship and debauchery. My theory: Berlin attracts crazy people because it’s not a city – it’s a mystical crack in time, a transit for unknown, unearthly powers. In turn, very earthy powers reign in Moscow, my hometown. To discover true beauty here is not always easy for a stranger or a newcomer. But you’re through the rabbit hole anyway. Now let’s see what’s off the beaten path.

—Nath Fedorova 

Nath is a freelance Editor & Creative Director specialising in beauty, jewellery and luxury heritage

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