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The search is over guys; we’ve found you the hottest label from Berlin. You know the one you want that is just uber-cool

When it comes to amazing women’s wear this is probably Berlin’s best-kept secret. With a collection set in a universe of rock, punk, club wear, couture, and sci-fi, Anthracite manages to move below the Berlin-focused fashion radar but yet faces a growing recognition from an international clientele on the lookout for “something different”. 

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Short fringe, alien eyebrows, eccentric tattoos – Rooney Mara alias Lisbeth Salander is THE fashion statement of this season: punk, Goth, libertine and geek all rolled into one. Only that I am not face to face with the lookalike of the half Russian hacker but in the workshop of the half American fashion designer Temper Anthracite, born Jennifer Le Claire in West Berlin.

The girl with the bullterrier tattoo has studied fashion design to stop, as she puts it, “the imposition of how I had to look like.” A real Berliner, and a riot girl with a thing for highly provocative photography and a heart for animals, Jennifer founded Anthracite in 2009. The label operates as a bespoke fashion atelier as opposed to seasonal collections.

The bold look that is achieved by the visual presence of Anthracite styles is androgynous but close fitting, extravagant but not costume-like. Due to the elegance of the original cuts the wearers look beyond modern – as if they just stepped out of a David Bowie video or left a distant mother ship.

The main line offers approximately 100 different intricate styles – dresses, shirts, skirts, jeans, jackets, belts, bikini tops, accessories and even a Dirndl dress – to choose from. The dominating colour palette consists of blacks, greys, off-white, silver, gold and bronze; the rich details range from metallic piping and stitching to sophisticated curved seams, unusual pleats, functional hidden pockets, and much more. In addition, custom design is offered, which is particularly made use of by brides-to-be.

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Website and Shop at:


·      10 % of Anthracite proceeds go to animal welfare

·      Jennifer is a certificated dog trainer

·      The collection is 100 % cruelty-free

·      Temper Anthracite is part of the Suicide Girls network

·      The bird in the picture is a real bird named Stu

—by Nath Fedorova

Photos: Courtesy of Anthracite

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