PAPERSELF False Eyelashes - Boost your lashes, artful and trendy eyelashes

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A Huge Hit With The Fashion Industry, PAPERSELF Has Been A Regular Feature At Fashion Week Since Its Launch In 2009

Let's be honest here, no beauty addict in their right mind would leave home without a touch of mascara for that all important lash boost. If you're anything like me, your beauty cabinet probably contains various tubes of mascara and lash enhancer, but given that mascara has a shelf-life of three months, this is often an expensive waste. With a host of eyelash extensions on the market from horrifying mink fur to synthetic varieties, London-based beauty brand PAPERSELF pioneers the way forward with an eco-friendly option made from paper.Paperself 1   

A huge hit with the fashion industry, PAPERSELF has been a regular feature at Fashion Week since its launch in 2009. Screaming attitude and gorgeousness, these intricate lashes are the product of Chinese paper cutting and come in a variety of designs offering a unique way of taking your look to a new level. With pretty deer & butterfly, peach blossom, seahorses and starfish lashes, visions of cute fairy-tales come to mind but in fact, the expressive designs symbolically pay homage to their Chinese origins. A wonderful union between meaning and beauty. 

-by Milla Msa


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