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Café Gratitude – 100% organic,vegan,vegetarian,raw food restaurant , urban lifestyle SWEET GRATITUDE
I am Adventurous, I am Dazzling, I am Awesome! whistles a café with a serious environmental commitment 

Venice, California conjures up three words: Vegan, Varied and Vibrant. It’s only fitting that Café Gratitude, the NoCal chain famous for its 100% organic vegan fare and mission of gratitude, take up residence on eclectic Rose Avenue. If you aren’t a vegan loving, yoga mat-toting Venice resident, don’t write off Café Gratitude quite yet. The food may be vegan, but it certainly doesn’t taste that way. It’s delicious with a capital D. You’d never know the crepes you’re gushing over aren’t the fatty French kind, but locally grown chia seed crepes, full of heart-healthy omega-3s. The butter you’re slathering on that freshly baked, gluten-free bread: Made of healthy organic cashews. And that beer you’re guzzling? Certainly not organic? Oh yes, 100% so. CAFE GRATITUDE VENICE
Angelenos got their first taste of Gratitude at the café’s Larchmont location, which opened in March 2011. It didn’t take long for cravings to spread, and in May 2012 Venice welcomed LA’s second Café Gratitude.

Located in an unassuming and unremarkable shopping center, Café Gratitude hints at its bohemian nature with an ultra-cool painting bearing its name and a banner that reads, “What are you grateful for?”

The outside patio is expansive (the tables are close, but not uncomfortably so) and the interior is white, bright and fresh. The café carries its message onto its menu. You won’t see BLT or Chicken Salad listed. All entrees are christened with a positive, life-affirming name: I am Adventurous, I am Dazzling, I am Awesome!

And just when you thought your mind could drift to more mundane matters, your food arrives on plates that once again ask: What are you grateful for? At the very least, it’s a conversation starter.

Café Gratitude even has events and classes, such as Raw Food for Beginners and I am Cleansed. A restaurant that speaks of community, Café Gratitude promotes sustainable agriculture, local farmers and environmentally friendly products while dishing out a unique and fresh array of food.

What am I grateful for? Café Gratitude!

512 Rose Ave

Venice, CA 90291
Phone: 424.231.8000 
11am - 10pm

—by Amy Lucas

Photos: PR

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