Best 5 Luxury Spanish Fashion Designers worth scoping out in Madrid

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From Royal Handbags To Iconic Stilettos, The Spanish Capital Has Your Style Hook-up—5 Spanish Fashion Designers Worth Scoping Out In Madrid

New York, Milan, Paris, London - all fashion epicenters, but don’t overlook Madrid. The capital indeed boasts an explosive fashion scene, thanks largely to a pool of very talented Spanish designers. Make room in your suitcase, because you’ll want to load up on pieces by the following collection of brand-name faves.

C/ Lagasca, 50
Amaya has undoubtedly blazed fashion trails in Spain - particularly as a female designer. Not only was she the first Spanish chica invited to debut at London’s Fashion Week but, since then, her success has brought her to Fashion Weeks in Milan and Paris. Designing for both men and women, her collections also include bathing suits and even wedding dresses.


C/ Almirante, 9

As one of the driving forces behind modern Spanish fashion, the late Jesús del Pozo remains a go-to favorite. The Madrid-born designer initially created collections for men, but eventually began designing for women, and even expanded his repertoire to include perfume and housewares. Expect his lines - now headed up by Josep Font - to focus on unique colors and textures, often with an architectural flare.

Locations throughout Madrid
This Galician probably claims the most ubiquitous designer label in Spain. After kicking off his career in his father’s boutique in Ourense, Galicia, he eventually opened up his own brand-name clothing shop in Madrid. Now, his relatively affordable line has locations around the country, and is a mainstream favorite of Spaniards with a little extra dinero spend.

C/ Serrano, 58  
This half-Spanish, half -Czech designer probably needs no introduction as, chancesare, if you don’t own a pair of his shoes, you probably wish you did. The fashion icon got his start in the Canary Islands, before moving to Paris, where he discovered his knack for shoe design. Known especially for his sleek, sexy stiletto creations, he not only revitalized their fame in the 70s, but ensures them as a wardrobe staple for decades to come.

C/ Serrano, 26, and several other locations
Loewe may very well be the ultimate Spanish brand. Dating back to 1846, the business - known for its luxurious leather - was launched by a group of Spanish craftsmen. Some 30 years later, the brand got its well-known name when German Enrique Loewe decided to join the team to build the brand, later establishing it as an official supplier to the royals. From its game-changing Amazona handbags to its ready-to-wear clothing collections (first designed by the likes of Lagerfeld and Armani), this is one shop you won’t want to miss out on (your bank account, however, might think otherwise).

We would be remiss if we didn’t at least give a shout-out to Basque-born Balenciaga and all of his high-fashion glory. But since he doesn’t have a proper shop in Madrid, well, you’ll just have to check out his pieces at a department store or in another big city. Sigh.

-by Erin Ridley

Photos: above - Courtesy of Loewe - Loewe Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

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