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Madrid - Iconic Spanish luxury brand Loewe gives everyday fashion a moment in the style spotlight
Gone are the days of catwalks, celebrities and magazines ruling what makes our final closet cut. Now one need only take a stroll around town for a healthy helping of fashion inspiration. And blazing the street-style trail is iconic photographer Scott Schuman.
His blog, The Sartorialist, redefines the way we look at everyday fashion expression. Photographing stylish strangers in their element, Schuman doesn’t care much for trends. Instead, he focuses on the common thread that weaves all our tastes together: unique personal style.
So it’s both fitting and ironic that just off Madrid’s busiest avenue, the Gran Vía, that Loewe—arguably one of Spain’s most famous and traditional brands—pays homage to the photographer and his images, which feature often—unconventional fashion.exhibition-scott-schuman-2e
exhibition-scott-schuman-eSide by side, Schuman’s shots stand out under the glow of crystal-dripping chandeliers in Loewe’s simple upstairs salon. Keeping true to his focus on distinct style, the photos don’t list location. Instead, it seems the “who, when and where” are mere accessories; ingredients in what brings the looks together.

In no particular order, viewers travel the world through fashion. A middle-aged Euro rocks cuffed khaki pants, leather loafers and bare ankles. An apron-clad teenage girl stands shoeless in front of a sunbathed field. And a retro-inspired New Yorker (perhaps?) seduces the camera with cherry-red lips and a garter-belt tattoo that peeks out from under her short skirt. All fashion is fair game.
On the way out, visitors pass through a playground of bright buttery-leather Loewe bags, inevitably contemplating their own personal style. After all, the catwalk—AKA Gran Vía—awaits.
The Sartorialist images will be on display until August 5th as a part of Madrid’s PHotoEspaña, which includes photography exhibitions in various locations throughout the city.
LOEWE Madrid
C/ Gran Vía 8, Madrid
Phone: 91 5226815

-by Erin Ridley

Photos:  PHotoEspaña/PR, © Scott Schuman 

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