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LOCALSPOTTER looks at the fireworks created by one famous city: Moscow

Moscow is a city full of contrasts. Intense. Inspiring. Chaotic. Cultured.

Recently one of our media partners, the International Fashion Academy Paris & Shanghai, asked us if we can share some fashionable insider tips for Moscow and luckily one of our editors knows the ins and outs of the city better than anyone else. So prick up your ears as we explore some of Moscow's stylish secrets. 

Absolutely happening is the It designer from Moscow, Vika Gazinskaya, who is known for her constant presence on the best style blogs, like the Sartorialist. If we turn our heads and look at her designs, we can grasp a little of what the fashion from Moscow is all about right now: Colette

Moscow is not really famous for its shopping and you’re best off to discover a few urban highlights, like old-fashioned Russian stamps, Russian chocolate and its various vodka varieties and visit the city’s museums and historic spots. As for luxury department stores, there are Moscow GUM and Okhotny Ryad and they offer a great selection – if money is no issue. If you feel like a stroll through various multi-brand boutiques and discover what’s on offer in Moscow for a normal budget you’re best adviced to check out Evropeiskiy Shopping Mall. As for famous institutions, check out Eliseevsky – a famous grocery store for irresistible Russian chocolate as well as Izmaylovo Market, an arts and crafts market, with quirky souvenirs, like a matryoshka. And to immerse yourself in the world of Russian fashion, head to Concept Store No.1 by Russian designer Alena Akhmadull. 

Eliseevsky      Eliseevsky

Vika Gazinskaya, Moscow-born stylist and it-girl, is often seen at the town’s red carpets. Despite or maybe due to this socialite experience she’s a highly talented designer with an impeccable taste—her collections are sold, among other stores, at Colette in Paris. 

Vassa& Co.
Born in Moscow, raised in New York, Elena Vassais is the designer of the brand that offers both women’s and men’scollections. The style is mostly crisp, intellectual shapes made from expensive materials.

Tegin. Born in Kiev, rased between Kiev and Moscow, Svetlana Tegin, famous for her cashmere collections, has a recognizably sleek gothic style.

Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion’s designer Igor Isaev, former rock musician from Moscow, has learned fashion construction in Italy. This rather attractive guy creates unique denim styles and fabulous parkas, wearable but exclusive and hand-made in Moscow.

LES’ – Lesia Paramonova is a young talent, illustrator and stylist. Her own collections are somewhat dreamy and experimentally ethereal.

Read the full interview on the IFA website. Happy Exploring! 


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