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Is the future of beauty green? Could this be the new French beauty secret? Discover a new range of certified organic skincare cosmetics produced in France 

A skin care product that combines Parisian style, French "savoir-faire", and organic ingredients, "oui s’il vous plait"!  When Isabelle Carron set out to create a unique line of cosmetics in her home town of Paris her mission for the brand was twofold: she wanted to create a solution suited to the needs of all ages, genders, and skin sensitivities- and she wanted to do so by using only the best organic ingredients available. The result is Absolution, a certified organic skincare range that was founded in the French capital in 2009 and has since expanded to reach an international market. absolution-products

Absolution products are made from 99% organic veggie-based ingredients of which 60% are sourced from organic farms. Even better, the brand works with local French growers who supply Absolution with high quality, local ingredients. Absolution products are made in the South of France, not far from Aix-en-Provence, making the end product a fully French affair.

Absolution’s commitment to supporting local producers as well as the quickly growing locavore movement in France is compelling enough, but the real fun begins when you implement the brand’s innovative skin care system yourself. Absolution products incorporate a DIY aspect which engages the consumer in actively constructing a personalized skin care regime by using the base product- either a night or day cream- with a variety of serums (“anti-age”, “brilliance”, “energy”, or “control”) that are mixed into the base cream depending on your skin’s specific day-to-day needs.

The philosophy behind this easily-adaptable approach to skin care is that our skin is its own ecosystem that changes every day, requiring variations in the way we take care of it. Late nights, stressful days, changing environments- Absolution serums hold the solution for all of your skin’s tendencies and trends. In addition to the day and night creams, their line of complementary products- including cleansers, masks, and lotions- have you covered from head to toe in personalized organic attention!

While Absolution products were originally only available to Frenchies and their nearby neighbors, the line has now opened an online boutique where customers from around the world can get in on the Absolution action. A variety of day spas and department stores around the world are also selling and sampling the Absolution line. L'echappee Pool Paris France
If you are lucky enough to be in Paris, take the skin care system for a spin at L'Echappée Spa, which uses Absolution products in all their treatments (and also has a really cool indoor pool!) Whether being used at home after a long day or while relaxing during a spa retreat, Absolution provides self-curated care for your constantly changing skin, as well as an opportunity to pamper yourself à la parisien!

—by Emily Dilling Poulain

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