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Simple Tricks For Mastering The Look Of Effortless Style

French women don't get fat. They are more elegant and feminine. They are sensuous and comfortable talking about sex. What we don't know is - what is their secret power?

A friend of mine who moved to Paris a few years ago has followed this phenomenon too and discovered, the creation of this natural beauty in reality takes a lot of effort. Even if they do not look like they are wearing makeup, they probably spent double the time in front of the mirror than you did this morning. In fact, French women are spending 2.2 billion dollars a year on facial products reveals a report by Mintel from 2008.

We have put together a unique selection of our favourite French designers, from on-trend Isabel Marant boots to seductive Mimi Holliday lingerie, a stunning second-hand Louis Vuitton tote bag at a fraction of the original price.

We've discovered, there are a few simple tricks to getting closer to your natural flawless beauty look, if you attempt to follow these tips:

1 Elusiveness. French women never overdo their look. If you wear a short skirt, make sure it is buttoned up. If you pick a see-through blouse, pair it with skinny black pants. Play with sex-appeal, but don't reveal too much.  

Pamper yourself. French women grow up learning to protect their natural assets. Apply a facial mask and exfoliate regularly to keep your skin refreshed. (Drinking water goes without saying - hydration is key to a healthy and glowing skin).

3 Protect your skin. Well this one shouldn't need to be said but we do it anyway. Stay out of the sun and protect your skin with a suitable SPF daily. 

4 No-fuss hairstyling. Don't wash your hair too often. This might sound strange at first, but take a closer look at those women and you'll notice how Parisians often have slightly messy, tousled hair. 

5 Go for a soft makeup. A little blush, natural eyeshadow, mascara and a red lip. Done.

6 Work on your Self-confidence. If you've ever been around French people, men or women, you will quickly realize, they have an unshakable self-confidence.  

7 Chic at all times. Heading to your corner store? Make sure to look your best. You know, you will be running into that certain someone when you least expect it.

8 Accessorize, darling. But less is more. Instead of wearing jewellery head to toe and leave the earrings at home and only wear a strong statement necklace. 

9 Lingerie baby, lingerie. You feel more sexy in an instant if you know you're all dolled up underneath. Try it! 

10 Fragrance. With a heritage in the art of perfume-crafting French women grow up wearing a beautiful scent. So feel free to spritz it on, once or twice.. or better even, five times a day.

And last but not least, my very personal advice. Smile. In fact a smile in Paris is rather sparse as the French tend to hold back their emotions. But in my world, nothing is more beautiful and sexier than a well-dressed, confident woman.. who has a nice smile on her face!

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