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Sydney—Online celebrity Michelle Phan celebrates the month of colour with Lancôme

Beauty tutorials and how-to’s have become big business since the internet took hold. Arguably the reining queen of beauty on YouTube right now is Michelle Phan, a US blogger who boasts over 300 million video views. Michelle is also the official global online makeup blogger for Lancôme and for the first time ever, the brand will be bringing her to Australia to teach Aussie women some of her skills. 

With over 1 million YouTube subscribers, Michelle is looked to from women all over the world for style advice. She is the epitome of an online celebrity. Her weapons are just a video camera and a MacBook pro, and using them she unleashes her tips, tricks and knowledge to the millions. Her video subjects range from basic how-to’s to elaborate transformations into a range of characters, from Snow White to Lady Gaga. The girl really does know it all! 

To celebrate the month of colour, Lancôme and Myer have partnered to present Michelle at two live appearances, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. The prestigious Myer Sydney CBD store will be the setting for Michelle’s August 2nd appearance, where she will take to the stage and share her knowledge exclusively with Australian women.
If you don’t want to miss your chance to meet Michelle live in person, Jump onto Lancôme Australia’s Facebook page to view the most up to date details around Michelle Phan’s visit to Australia. You can count on seeing me in the crowd.

Here's a little taste of what you can expect.

—by Kimberly Nissen

Photos: Courtesy of Lancôme 

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