Are Flipsters the new Hipsters? Foldable Ballet Flats

. Posted in Sydney

flipsters-foldable-flatsJUST FLIP AND GO
Footwear that will leave your feet feeling unusually happy

Considering the amount of times life throws at you torturing pain sucking the life out of your feet after a day in high heels, we assume you'd want to know about this little piece of joy.
Making its way around the globe from Sydney, where it was founded in 2009, we introduce: The Flipsters. Stylish and durable fold-up ballet flats, sandals and flip flops created only for one reason: to relieve aches and pains at the end of a long night in heels, easy to fold into a tiny triangle, with minimal space taken up in your handbag. Plus, they come in a variety of flashy colours, shapes and sizes, and are machine washable.

So next time you're feet are crying out loud again, whip out this little gem, equipped with soft cushioned footbed and moisture-wicking lining, woo!

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